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Memory Care

For individuals and families living with dementia our Memory Care Unit offers a dignified person centered approach to care. A group of carefully selected, permanently assigned staff will care for residents, striving to focus on each individual’s remaining strengths while meeting physical, emotional and social needs. Our 18 room secured Memory Care Unit provides routine, structure and security to persons facing the challenge of memory loss.

Our specially designed unit provides individual rooms which when furnished in familiar belongings provide a peaceful resting place for residents of the Memory Care Unit. Common areas furnished with safe and homelike items promote a sense of belonging and community while maintaining individual safety and security for those who may become overwhelmed in a larger living setting.

Our Memory Care services include:

  • Specialized meals which focus on nutrition, ‘easy to eat’ items and nutritional supplements if needed.
  • Medication Management and a specialized focus on balancing non-pharmacological approaches to dementia care with the routine medication management of dementia
  • Daily assistance with dressing, bathing, incontinence management and hygiene
  • A flexible person-centered routine designed to embrace the changes in sleep, activity and daily routine that often occur in dementia care
  • Advance care options- including end of life care, end stage dementia care

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Typical Room Layout – Unit A

memory care unit a

┬áTypical Room Layout – Unit B

Memory Care Unit B

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