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Upcoming Events

October 2018 EVENTS

October 1st 1 PM Fall Color Bus Tour
October 8th 2 PM FLU Shot Clinic
October 11th 6 PM Scrapbooking Project (Part 4)
October 14th 2 PM Michigan Murders w/ Sonny Longtine
October 20th 10:30 AM Resident & Child Play Group
October 22nd 2 PM Sunshine Girls Performance
October 25th 11 AM MQT Fire Safety Presentation
October 30th 6 PM Mill Creek Trick or Treat Event
October 31st 3 PM Mill Creek Costume Party


  1st Annual Mill Creek Halloween Costume Party

Mill Creek residents, family members and employees are invited to participate in a first annual Halloween costume party!  Prizes will be award to the best dressed!  Join us Wednesday, October 31st at 3 PM in the Mill Creek Dining Room.









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